The secret to fast, flawless skin in 2020 is the chemical peel treatment. Chemical peels were the most popular skin treatment available in the late 90s, and these amazing treatments have been rediscovered, and are once again growing in popularity.

What are Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels use acids that interact with proteins in the skin to cause peeling and exfoliation. The process reveals fresh, younger-looking skin underneath.

A quick word of warning: while you may find instructions online for DIY chemical peels, homemade skin treatments can cause permanent damage. Always trust a qualified dermatologist with the health of your skin.

Light Chemical Peel

The first option is the light chemical peel. It’s a simple solution if you need a quick treatment and a brief recovery time. You can even get a treatment during your lunch hour!
The treatment feels similar to a light sunburn, and uncovers radiant, smooth skin that lasts over a month.

Tip for Light Chemical Peel:

Try your best not to wear a lot of makeup and don’t skip the sunscreen! Post-Treatment, ask your skin specialist what moisturizer or SPF is best for you to use.

Medium Chemical Peel

The second option penetrates deeper with results lasting up to 9 months! Medium peels feel similar to a moderate sunburn, and the chemicals penetrate deeper, removing more layers of damaged cells.

While the usual recovery time of the first treatment is just over a week, the full result often takes a few months to become fully visible in tighter, plumper skin.

Tip for Medium Chemical Peel:

While peeling is a concern for some, if you do not see peeling after your first treatment, this does not mean the treatment did not work. Subsequent treatments may cause less skin peeling with fewer damaged cells being removed.

Deep Chemical Peel

Deep chemical peels have the longest recovery time, but produce the longest-lasting results. The improved skin of a deep chemical peel can last up to an impressive 10 years!

Due to the long recovery time and intensive nature of the treatment, deep peels are the least popular of the three options available. The deep peel process is painful, requiring sedation and a much longer recovery time.

Tip for Deep Chemical Peel:

If your skin concern is to treat acne scarring, we suggest you look into a laser treatment which can be more beneficial to you.

A Safe and Customizable Choice

Chemical peels are customizable, and a good dermatologist will always help you discover the best option for you. If you have any concern for the health and beauty of your skin, you owe it to yourself to talk with your dermatologist about the exciting options available in a chemical peel treatment.

You’re a peel a way from your best skin yet!


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