Skin Hyperpigmentation – Best Skin Pigmentation Treatment in Delhi

Skin Hyperpigmentation Treatment in Delhi

Skin Pigmentation (Darkening) Treatment

Apart from the sun induced pigmentation, skin pigmentation can be due to various other reasons. Hence, along with a home care regime including sun protection tips we offer numerous treatments for more speedy results.

Fruit Peels :These are popularly known as ‘lunch time’ procedures, as they enable you to resume work right away with no downtime. We use cocktails of various fruit peels personalised as per your skin type to address your need. These help to exfoliate dead tanned skin and reveal your natural glow. They help lighten acne marks and other pigmentation problems along with reduction of fine lines and wrinkles with successive peels.

Laser Toning : With our advanced panel of lasers we help improve skin texture, skin tone, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, open pores, freckles and sun spots and skin pigmentation. It has a laser bleaching effect which lasts approximately two months.

Skin Polishing: Microdermabrasion is a procedure where tiny crystals flow through a specially designed handpiece in a uniform and effective way to gently exfoliate dead skin in a controlled and painless manner. It is a quick fix that returns your glow instantly and you are all set for that grand occasion.

Oxy Facial: It is a comprehensive 8 in 1 dermatocosmetic technology that exfoliates, hydrates and gives instant glow for all skin types including acne prone skin. It uses a combination of ultrasound with pressurised oxygen stream.

Oxy Jet Peel: A specially designed hand piece creates a supersonic two phase jet consisting of microdroplets of liquid and oxygen . This helps to enrich your skin with various essential micronutrients and regain its lustre.

Pumpkin Facial: It is one of the newer treatments for dry, mature skin to nourish, moisturise and give instant glow. The natural pumpkin enzymes help fight the free radicals along with Aloe Vera, Sea weed, collagen extracts that further hydrate the skin to give a radiant glowing skin


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