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Dr. Mahima Wadhwa Dermatologist in Delhi

Skin / Hair / Laser Clinic and Cosmetology Centre

Best Skin Specialist in Delhi


Founder of Dr Mahima Wadhwa Skin CliniQ, skin/ hair / laser clinic and cosmetology centre , SKINVED CliniQ in Shalimar bagh, Delhi Presently Working as a consultant at Fortis Hospital Shalimar bagh, Delhi Formerly worked as a consultant at Kaya Skin Clinic, Delhi Consultant at Vinayak Hospital, Delhi Consultant at Sunderlal Jain Hospital, Delhi


Associate Member of International Society of Dermatology Member of Indian Association of Dermatovenereoleprologist Medical Council of India. Dr. Mahima Wadhwa is one of the Best Dermatologist in Delhi.

Why Dr. Mahima Wadhwa is know as the Best Skin Specialists in, Delhi?

Skin Care From The Lady Who Knows The Best

People of all ages and gender can consult Dr. Mahima, dermatologist in Delhi, to get effective treatment for any general, hereditary or cosmetic skin, nail, and hair concerns. If someone wants excellent care for their skin and hair can visit Dr. Mahima Wadhwa Dermatology Clinic in Delhi.

Patient Focused Care

Dr. Mahima Wadhwa, the best skin specialist in Delhi, believes in providing high quality care to her patients. The team of medical professionals at the clinic offer today’s most advanced dermatological treatments, cosmetic treatments, and skin & hair rejuvenating aesthetic treatments.


Dr. Mahima, dermatogist in Delhi, maintains a highly professional environment to offer quality clinical care. She and her team of qualified & experienced Dermatologists and Cosmetic skin experts provide proper diagnosis and management of all general skin, nail, and hair as well as cosmetic concerns. Dr. Mahima’s team’s unrivaled services have changed the lives of countless patients.

Advanced Technologies

With a thirst of upgrading her skills and knowledge, Dr. Mahima, the best dermatologist in India, utilizes the most current advances in technology and innovative procedures to provide safe and effective skin rejuvenation & advanced hair treatments.

Expertise in Skin & Hair Treatment

Dr. Mahima, an expert dermatologist in Delhi helps her patients achieve disease-free healthy skin and attain their aesthetic goals to look and feel fantastic both inside and out. She has an in depth knowledge of skin, the underlying anatomy of the muscles, nerves, and vessels. This helps her identify the best approach to deliver safe results. The treatments are also tailored to meet the unique needs and offer outstanding results.


Facial cosmetic procedures, micro needling, light therapy, and skin firming treatments.

Diagnosis and treatment of skin, nail, and hair disorders.

Facial rejuvenation using injectables, laser, chemical peels, customized peels, to treat aging skin concerns, skin discoloration related conditions like pigmentation and rosacea.

Acne & Acne Scars related Treatments.

Latest Technology available for White patches (Vitiligo) and Psoriasis i.e, Narrowband UVB.

Hair fall- RRT, Advanced HGP 2.0, Advanced HGP, Mesotherapy etc.

Problems related to PCOD/PCOS.

Unwanted Hair & Stretch Marks Treatments.

Anti Aging Therapies.

Skin Problems like, Skin Allergy, Fungal infection, Scabies etc

Anti-aging treatments. One can also avail the benefits of latest laser technology, as well as tissue injectables with fillers and anti-aging protein to get a youthful appearance.

Our Clients Testimonial

Dr Mahima is one of the best dermatologist in Delhi. She is very polite and listens to each and every concern with loads of patience. I had multiple issues with scalp and skin and she provides the best treatment possible.

V Jain

I have had a great experience at this clinic. I was suffering from adult acne since 3 years but with proper treatment from Dr. Mahima, I was able to get rid of it. She was extremely patient throughout and answered all my queries nicely. I would totally recommend 🙂

Saumya Gupta

My skin was a bit loose at places. I heard about Dr Mahima Wadhwa from one of friends. Took some sessions for skin toning. Great results. Highly recommended.

Shalu Singh

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Find The Best Skin Specialist in Shalimar Bagh Delhi: Solution To All Skin Woes!

Everyone dreams of achieving that perfect glow on their skin. Skin problems tend to reduce your confidence and make you feel nervous and anxious about yourself. If your skin breaks out easily, you should contact the best skin specialist near you.

Dr Mahima Wadhwa manages to do some deep research on the present condition of your skin. Based on the studies, a proper skincare routine is formulated to fight specific skin concerns. The dermatologist makes sure that the problem is treated from the roots. 

Therefore, if you are to glow from within, make sure that you confirm your visit at the best Dermatologist Shalimar bagh clinic. 

What Are The Major Skin Concerns For Treatment at The Skin Clinic?

Professional skincare starts with a good consultation. A dermatologist is a special skin doctor, who maintains clarity on the skin issue you are suffering from. The doctor analyses your skin and tries to treat it with the best creams and treatments.

Sometimes, a few good ointments and oral creams are sufficient to treat your skin. However, if the concern is grave and is pretty deep, the doctor may switch to specialized treatments and sometimes surgeries.

The major skin conditions that you are treated at the dermatologist’s clinic are as follows:

  • Minor acne and acne vulgaris
  • Dark spots and pigmentation
  • Dermatitis
  • Eczema
  • Spot reduction
  • Skin allergies
  • Laser hair removal
  • Skin tan removal service
  • Cure for minor rashes and redness

The skin specialist in Shalimar Bagh Delhi helps in fighting all skin issues, starting with a thorough skin checkup. Individuals must follow the skincare routine given by the specialists and avoid using all kinds of external products. 

It’s important to stick to a good diet that helps glow skin! You can request your dermatologist to prepare a chart for you!

The Best Dermatologist Locations in Shalimar Bagh Delhi!

If you live near or in Shalimar Bagh, there are quite a few reliable dermatologist clinics available. 

You can get quite a few recommendations online when searching for a good clinic. Additionally, you can ask your friends and other sources for great skin doctors in or near Shalimar bagh! Suggestions help you get in touch with certified doctors and clinics only!

Each of these clinics offers experienced services to customers by providing affordable skincare solutions. Quickly contact the clinic to receive exclusive benefits!

How To Get in Touch With The Dermatologist Near You?

It is easy to obtain consultations at the dermatologist clinic near you, with the help of the following options-

  1. You can fix your appointment over the phone, by calling the clinic directly! Most clinical have online booking options too. 
  2. You can write an email to the concerned clinic and wait for confirmation.

Dr Mahima Wadhwa assures its clients of satisfactory service. However, you must reach the clinic at the given time to experience the best consultation. The doctors make sure that you leave the clinic with a smile on your face!