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Having moles on your face and body is normal. A mole is a collection of skin cells that appear on your body. Most people have around 10 to 40 moles on their bodies. Though moles are often harmless, they can be cancerous too. The medical term for a mole is nevi. You might opt for a mole removal surgery on the face, neck, back, forehead, or scalp if you have an abnormal mole. As that weird mole can be cancerous too. Not removing cancerous moles on time can lead to skin cancer, called melanoma, which can hurt a lot.


• Moles are a nevocellular skin occurrence in the skin’s various layers.

• Usually are dark brown spots and can be of various sizes and shapes.

• They can ber flat or raised, smooth or rough.

• Can change in appearance. Some disappear over time, often

• They may have dark hair and they may be dangerous.

• Moles can appear anywhere on the skin.

• They are usually brown in color.

• Sun exposure may darken existing moles and increase their number.


• COMPOUND MOLES: Slightly raised, range in color from tan to dark brown.

• DERMAL MOLES: Range from flesh-color to brown, are elevated, most common on the upper body, and may have hairs.

• BLUE MOLES: Are slightly raised, deep colored within the skin, and most common on the head, neck, and arms of women.

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