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Antiaging Treatment – Best Antiaging Treatment in Shalimar Bagh

Best Antiaging Treatment in Delhi

Everyone desired to enjoy younger looking skin forever, but no one can deny the fact that aging is an inevitable natural process- no one is exempted from it! With the passage of time, the skin tends to become thinner, damaged, drier, less elastic. And you notice fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, under eye bags, and various other age spots.

These changes appear because with aging, your skin produces less natural substances (collagen and elastin), and thus, it appears dull and aged. And these aging signs will be triggered by sun exposure, pollution and stress that is a part of our daily routine.

Unquestionably, aging is an inescapable natural procedure that often makes visible marks on our skin in the forms of lines, wrinkles, spots, slumped skin and bags under the eyes. You can now effectively combat against these dreadful signs of aging by opting for anti-aging treatment at Skinved Cliniq that is managed by Dr. Mahima Wadhwa. At the clinic, you can get best possible, cutting-edge solutions for all your aging concerns!

Treatment: An anti-aging facial that promotes new collagen growth through microdermabrasion, cryotherapy, micro-needling and skin infusion.

What it involves: Microdermabrasion (getting rid of the dead skin and debris on the top layer of the skin) starts the facial and prepares the skin for the following stages.

Next comes the micro-needling — a roller with tiny needles is moved over the face and a ‘stem cell serum’ applied to the surface of the skin. This is a great treatment for acne or sun-damage. You then get an oxygen treatment and a peel-off face-mask.

How it feels: The sensation of having microdermabrasion is perfectly pleasant — slightly tickly, though it doesn’t remotely hurt, and micro-needling is a pain-free experience, too.

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