Nail Care Treatment

Healthy, strong nails can be sign of good health, however sometimes our nails won’t be strong as we think. The fine news is that we can make changes to our habits and lifestyle to assist strengthen nails and acquire them where we would like. If you are looking about nail care treatment in Delhi then, at our Hycare for wounds, you will be take care by famous experts in nail care treatments.

Some of the nail problems are due to use of cosmetic, whereas others might be disabling or connected to other diseases, like cancer or joint disease. Toenail and Fingernail disorders can induce sensitivity and pain, and also suppress social relationships, work, and daily activities.

Symptoms of Nail Disorders

Following are the symptoms of nail disorders that are

  •   Abnormal appearance
  •   Bleeding
  •   Pus or drainage
  •   Breaking, splitting or cracking of the nails
  •   Indentation or crinkles in the nails
  •   Brown, red, or black lines

If you have undergone any of the above symptoms, it is vital to evaluate your nails via dermatologist. Dr. Mahima Wadhwa offers advanced treatments, as well surgery, for all types of nail problems. Doctor can diagnoses, treat and cures these disorders efficiently, doesn’t matter how complex. After nail care treatment, your nail will appear the same or like to your other nails.


  •   Laser treatments
  •   Oral or topical medications: antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, or antifungal medications
  •   Devices or injections for psoriasis
  •   Injectables of anti-inflammatory medication placed openly in to the nail growth center
  •   Surgery: high-tech diagnostic and therapeutic surgeries
  •   Treatments for contact dermatitis

The artistic look of our patients’ nails is constantly leading in our minds in treatments. With skilled care and high-tech treatments, we protect and develop the appearance of our patients’ nails. Our experts are equally knowledgeable and experienced in diagnosing and managing finger-nail and toe-nail disorders. Our nail experts can evaluate and cure broad range of toe-nail disorders.

They Can Help You

Dr. Mahima Wadhwa has a vast experience in such treatments and have given best results in recent past. Book your appointment and get your consultation done today.