Mole Removal Treatment in Delhi

Having moles on your face and body is normal. A mole is a collection of skin cells that appear on your body. Most people have around 10 to 40 moles on their bodies. Though moles are often harmless, they can be cancerous too. The medical term for a mole is nevi. You might opt for a mole removal surgery on the face, neck, back, forehead, or scalp if you have an abnormal mole. As that weird mole can be cancerous too. Not removing cancerous moles on time can lead to skin cancer, called melanoma, which can hurt a lot.

Problems For Patients

  1. Once a scar is formed it is quite impossible to dissolve the marks completely. Scars occur after injury on the way to the healing process.
  2. Scars are paler in color & leave a permanent evidence of injury that can be traced easily.
  3. Due to overproduced collagen, the scar may raise beyond the normal skin surface & never regress then it is termed as Keloids.
  4. A scar may develop as an elevated lump, but it does not grow above the skin surface & remain confined to the original wound. This type of scar is familiar as Hypertrophic scar.
  5. Often pimples may turn into stretch marks rapidly as a result scars develop.
  6. In case of burning, contracture scars appear because of tightening of the skin. Additionally, this type of scar affects the surrounding muscles & nerves entering deeper.

Causes Of Scar

  1. The scar is a common phenomenon that is considered as the outcome of the body’s normal repair mechanism which takes place after an injury.
  2. Actually a scar is nothing but the replacement of the parenchymal cell by collagen deposition as a natural part of wound healing in any tissue.
  3. Moreover, a manner of fibroblast proliferation & contraction of the myofibroblasts potentiate the scar formation.

Face Scars Treatment Procedure

It is true that the scar will never go away completely, but nowadays some methods are available that help in reducing the appearance. A number of Scar Removal Treatment procedures have been proven successful such as needling, silicon gel sheeting, chemical peels, steroid injections, laser treatments, surgical revision, microdermabrasion & creams. Face Scar Removal Treatmenthas become very popular with Nonablative lasers (e.g. Starlux laser approved by the FDA). Ablative lasers like carbon dioxide laser brings the dramatic results for stretch scars caused by acne. Pressure garments are commonly used in case of hypertrophic scars & burn.

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